google-site-verification: google29bfc4c332eb1241.html Original, handmade, hand painted ceramics by a ceramic artist Pelin Hanley, based in Bristol. Ceramic jewellery.

Clifton Arts Club
​109th Open Summer Exhibition

​My Submission

Rancour, stoneware.
©Pelin Hanley, 2018.

Photo: ©Pelin Hanley.

My accepted submission to Clifton Arts Club Summer Exhibition in 2018 year was called ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rancour or Bitterness.

When I have a lump of clay in front of me, I often have no idea of what I'm gong to make, I don't do any drawings: instead, I let the clay take the shape it wants to be in. This, I think, enables my sub-conscience flow into the medium.

I often incorporate found objects in my work, and I have a box full of them... lengths of wire, an antique key, or old, car spark plugs!

This piece was created from craft crank stoneware clay. A mould that I made shapes the face. A wire connects the upper and lower parts of the face.

It was viewed from 4th-19th August 2018 at Victoria Methodist Church, 1 Whiteladies Road Bristol, BS8 1NU.

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